This is Al

[Z opens the door into a bedroom with a group of people huddle on a sofa, leaning over a table.]

Z: M, this is…

[she waits for Al to finish]

Z: …Al. Al, this is M. Right, my bit done, I’m off to find S.

Al: M, Z talks about you alot,[laughs] obviously. You having a good time?

M: Dude, your house is amazing! So it’s you and…?

Al: Some of the guys and girls downstairs, it’s easier if I just walk you round and introduce you. Although, it’s that thing where you meet everyone and then immediately forget all their names…

M: I get that. How do you afford this house? Where did the idea come from?

Al: I spent some time at Uni in the states, became obsessed with the Frat I was part of, Zeta Beta Alpha. Yeah, I say it “Zay-ta Bay-ta”! The accent thing rubs off… When I left Uni, I moved back, found a house and found a couple of friends willing to pay rent. Then we found an investor willing to buy it.

M: That must have been a tricky sell…

Al: Fortunately, whilst a lot of the time my mates are drunken drug-addicts, we have the ability to shape up and look respectable, should we need to meet important investors or, you know, for work and stuff.

M: Sweet, you mind if I leave my man-bag in here? I figured I’d fill my pockets with cans.

Al: Noproblems, I see you have an unusual beverage preference!

M: Ah yes, Home-brand Ruby Port, a grandparent introduced me to it. It gets me there really quick with none of the pain. I can’t drink vodka like the others can.

Al: I’ll lock the door on our way out, let me know if you need the key at any point.

M: Cheers.