Carnaby Street

[Int. O’Neill’s Pub, Carnaby Street]

M: …and then I’m shown around the house a bit, which became more of an ordeal when everything started to kick in.

P: Is this the party where someone blew up an oven?

M: How did they blow up the oven?

P: Maybe it was a microwave? Probably a microwave. I think someone was tripping and put a fork in, trying to heat up some noodles. Although that’s the kind of thing i would do even if I wasn’t high. Anyway, so was it that house?

M: So you’ve been to the place?

P: No. I was supposed to go but then had something else on. I think I knew a guy who was friends with someone in the house.

M: Small world, although with the amount of people living there there was a chance we’d be going to the same places.

P: So no, i didn’t go. What’s so great about this house?

M: First off, it’s massive. The whole project was inspired be this guy Al…

P: (Heard of him.)

M: …and he lived in the States for a year during Uni, lived in a Frat house…

P: I thought you had to pledge for those or something? Can a random Brit just turn up and be accepted? Seems weird that he could go over there and be living in a Fraternity house already.

M: Erm, he didn’t explain that.

P: So this house…

M: Massive entrance hall, huge staircase, one of those balconies that looks over the entrance hall. It’s all wooden pannelling inside, three stories high, those massive greecian pillars (collumns?) outside. It doesn’t look out of place against the other houses on the road, but it’s probably different to the others inside. I think he completely remodelled the inside…

P: Dude, sorry to interupt, I sort of asked out of politeness. You think you’re a little obsessed with this guy’s house?

M: Err, no, his house is rad. I want to move in.

P: Would Z be up for that?

M: I asked her, I think she would. Don’t think there are any rooms going. But, yeah so, you need to come to the next party!

P: How many rooms are there?

M: 25? 30? The loft is rooms too. They’re not tiny rooms either. Just a lack of loos.

P: Where is the house?

M: Up towards Kilburn/Cricklewood area.