Sat down for dinner

[int. Dining Room]

M: Nice place V.

V: So where are you two living now?

Z: Still in Kensal Green, just in our own place now.

M: I can’t believe you never came and saw the old house.

V: I know! We’ve lived so close for so long and never managed to get organised. I’ve been busy at work, T’s been doing this new “house-husband” thing… So where in Kensal Green?

Z: Fairly close to the tube station.

M: It’s great for both of us. Means I can get up at 8.45 every day and be comfortably in work by 9.15.

V: And where is work?

M: A creative agency down by Trafalgar square.

V: You see, mum was supposed to tell me all of this. I’m clearly the worst and least sociable cousin in the world.

Z: So you’re not working T?

T: I’m between things. Since “Lactic” was sold I want to come up with a new App, see if this is more than a one trick Pony. Is there any room in the health sector you think?

Z: Always. I always thought an app for Doctors and their patients. A private social network while you’re in hospital…

T: Too small, not accessible enough to enough people. The reason Lactic was so good, and why I imagine both of you have it on your phones, is because anyone can use it and everyone does. They won’t use it forever though. Hence the sale. My phone’s buzzing, I’ll take this out on the balcony.

V: Who is it?

T: Work. It won’t take long.

V: Calling on Friday night?

[ T exits]

V: You two need a bit more meat, ill go grab it from the kitchen and you can serve yourselves.

[V exits]

Z: So that’s the other woman on the phone then.

M: What?

Z: Part of our girly chat earlier. V thinks T’s cheating.

M: Mum said that’s happened before but It’s not spoken about outside the family.

Z: And she puts up with it?

M: Clearly.