T’s here?

Z: Hey babe.

M: Hey.

Z: How was your trip over?

M: Super Awkward. T got on the same train.

Z: T’s here?

M: Yeah.

Z: So what happened? When did he get on?

M: King’s Cross. I switched at Baker Street, and then he got on at King’s Cross…

Z: What was he doing in King’s Cross?

M: Is he not allowed out of Kensington? He got on with a girl. He was clearly weirded out that I was on the tube, super uncomfortable, he says “Hello M. This is H. H this is M. V’s cousin. Where are you headed M?” I say…

Z: Who’s this H? Do you think that’s the girl? Is she here at the party? I will fucking kill that bitch.

M: I don’t know. The weren’t holding hands, or close or anything when they got on the train. He looked uncomfortable though. I said “I’m meeting Z at a house party in Shoreditch.” He looked like he was going to fucking die. Goes completely pale, breathing slows. Says, “Coooool” really slowly, “Not Kelly’s place?”