Chapter IV

M Describes the various characters that turn up to Al’s parties.

He both describes them directly, but also in conversation with those he went to the parties with.

One morning, whilst walking back to their house, the group discuss one character that hangs around so long after parties that it appears he doesn’t return home.

Al turns up unannounced, a few weeks later, and declares to M that they’re going to have lunch in central.

M suggests getting the tube but Al insists on taking a taxi.

During the taxi ride, Al asks M who he’s been talking to at the parties.

M explains that he rarely remembers much from the parties, as they’re usually a little hectic.

Al explains that a lot of people, even the friends that attend his parties, tend to bad-mouth him.

He details his past, explaining that he’d like to set the record straight.

He went to University in the states, fell i love with the culture, and tries to recreates that as best as he can now that he lives in London.

He left Uni early, but is not clear about why.

He explains that things seem to come easily to him, including money and sex, and that this often results in resentment from others.

In testament to this, Al explains how numerous times the house has had the police at the door due to complaints from the neighbors about the noise. And they haven’t had a party investigated, shut down or any drug checks ever. The police calls have never resulted in anything.

He goes on to say how his neighbors, unbelievably, are still overly friendly, despite the frequent noise problems.

Once in central with Al, M is introduced to a cockney geezer named Craig.

Craig is a professional poker player.

It is also openly discussed that Craig is a dealer, although whether or not Al had done business with Craig is left unclear.

Later when talking with Z, she talks about going to Uni with M’s cousin V. 

There, V had had a boyfriend that left her to return to studying in the states,

They had tried to make it work long distance but it fell apart over MSN messenger.

Z hadn’t realised Al had studied abroad.

Z explains that Z had briefly been in contact with the boyfriend a week before she married T.

It wasn’t a coincidence that Al moved back to London, despite being in love with the US and living there.

Z says that, having spoken to Al briefly on the phone and bringing the situation up, that Al wants to organise a surprise reunion at one of his parties, ad if M and Z could bring V along.